Hong Lei


In the evening, Mr Hong lei fete hole school teacher for dinner. We eight volunteers have also prepared a few small programs, thank him for his dinner. Of ocarina play traditional Chinese musical instrument, a poem written hong lei, a name of orz, has the Chinese traditional landscape, traditional Chinese painting, calligraphy, and our chorus of eight people love, because in our hearts. Even more wonderful explanation.


Thought is the leadership, after all, there will be some distance. But totally unexpectedly, Mr Hong lei, just like a father old uncle casual chat with us, our learning in daily life and work. And tell us any difficulty and the need to speak with him. During the show, he will ask some Chinese artists to Minnesota teachers and the students spend Chinese New Year. It is a pity that we have home and family reunion at that time, can’t see the wonderful show, not goodbye Mr Hong lei, a. But it is still very cherish and appreciate this time the opportunity to meet with Mr Hong lei. Hope you can stand in the future to a higher point can once again have the opportunity to meet Mr Hong lei.

Hong Lei(1)


Unexpectedly in the familiar before this half an year can also be lucky enough to meet foreign ministry spokesman, consul general in Chicago consulate now Mr Hong lei. Know when he will come to st. cloud see a guest, a volunteer to help the girl is very happy, after the rates in the mind, Mr Hong is premier zhou enlai, Mr Wang to lead a new generation of on behalf of the Chinese spokesman, everyone is in the heart of respect and yearning.


Coincided with Mr Hong lei, it was a Friday, st. cloud’s first snow, we are originally hear Mr Hong lei, and several other countries, a spokesman for the meeting, and Mr Hong lei to hole behind school teachers and students. But because of the snow is very big, under the school emergency closed, all the students went home from school, deal with after school, we didn’t eat lunch in a hurry to listen to his speech went to the university.


Mr Hong lei is very warm at first, we sat waiting for the second row of position, as soon as he came in he shook hands with every one of us, from the warmth of the motherland suddenly made a few little girl was very excited. Behind heard like a news broadcast speech, have no a little bit tired, but on the spot to Mr Hong, attention is drawn, all clearly spoke more than an hour, but think only ten minutes.

待续…To be continued…

About growing up(3)


In addition to the face of children, there are many other aspects of the growth.


When students do before, some not too clear, a little knowledge is not very urgently necessary is too lazy to look up. But now because it is a teacher, have a responsibility in, must want to convey to students the correct knowledge. Many times a word of stroke or winding pitch, to verify a few times to tell children. Teach the wrong once in a while, also to admit his mistakes corrected in a timely manner. Deeply feel the importance of precept, children are most likely to imitate the people around, as a teacher, in word and deed includes all at the moment in life standard. Be a good example.


Also know that really is the simplest happy time at school, just learn well teach well. Even internships can take a share responsibility, cannot say casually go walk, also is bad to ask for leave, disturb you plan, let more don’t do things for themselves. Lecture during the day and night lessons, check a lot of information, to many aspects of children may be asked, also really exercise yourself.


Sincerely thank you for this half a year to the United States practice life, no matter from career planning or from the heart and life, is a great exercise. Here the dribs and drabs, are worthy of cherished memories and later.

About growing up(2)


In the concept of the Chinese people, eating is more important, to share and eat the next thing to share the growth of some other aspects.


Is, after all, he was in school more than ten years, didn’t really come out, this time to the United States, although is internship, but also serious first job. Everyone is confident treat the muster all his strength. But American children and Chinese children are really is very different, American children no matter who you are, even if you are a teacher, what you say is justified let me convinced, children will listen to the teacher said. But our preconceived notions is children will respect the teacher, so I work at first, also not be less children have to say a word, almost everyone has been more or less gas to cry.


But the more the situation has changed a lot, are all young people together to discuss and change their methods and strategies, slowly let children to believe in yourself, with the details of daily care and help, good for him. Quickly lined up a large number of children, let they can darling listen to the class teacher in the classroom. Everyday can also often and they chat, discuss some cartoon movies, introduce some Chinese things to children. Now the most unfortunately child just familiar with us, but not far from the time we leave.

About growing up(1)


Come to the United States for almost four months, this blog is to share about growing up.


Say first to eat, before at home, at home with mom and dad to cook, also give me a hand, often wash dishes brush to brush a bowl, but is never is cooking, also did not seriously to learn cooking. But after coming to the United States, really experienced a meal not hungry belly of life. The United States than domestic, even if parents are not at home, his lazy, called a take-away next to a restaurant is also very convenient. Take-out here also is very inconvenient, eating out is not very convenient also, more importantly, used to eat rice and various stir-fries and we really can not adapt to the American food hamburger cheese bread. So I began to try his cooking, will only cooking surface occurred at the beginning, the steam rice Fried dishes. Does not meet the greediness, later have no matter son to study some recipes, unexpectedly also own a few tries out some of the food can also come, lunch to school every day also is to let a lot of American teacher saw the riches of the Chinese diet. With a focus on the daily show mom and dad, mom and dad are happy daughter should go out for a few months has learned cooking, eat healthy is also very good. Dry bread was worried about my every day to eat instant noodles?


Braise in soy sauce sparerib


Hot candied sweet potato


Then also follow some American family learned to bake a cake and boiled milk tea.

待续…To be continued…

Santa Island


Seldom at leisure weekend, parents invited us to see Santa Claus, Minneapolis haven’t been to the twins three girls delighted us. On the way to listen to children in Chinese English together what do we do about Christmas, Santa Claus story, in a short time.


Santa Claus exhibition there is a lot of simulation scenario, lifelike class also don’t forget to add all sorts of color of skin of children, there is sound and not a healthy child. Tell people all the time, no matter what kind of color of skin, I whether my body is perfect, everyone has the right to the education. It deeply touched me.


Read all kinds of Christmas customs, the children are going to make a vow and Santa, something about matters of the heart, seven or eight years old children also really devout believe that Santa Claus is really exist, Santa Claus will be at the Christmas darling children put on the head of a bed socks gift, and it can not help but let’s give the child’s innocence feel beautiful.

Veterans Day 

第一次在美国参加退伍军人日的庆祝活动,学校组织全校小朋友们合唱了两首歌,一首叫做God bless the USA,一首叫做旗开得胜。每个小朋友都唱的很认真,都很认真的团结在一起,感受那一份对国家的忠诚和民族的凝聚力。真的很喜欢美国这种模式的教育,用点点滴滴去感动小朋友,而不是只做表面形式。回来后,我也把这两首歌加入了我常听的音乐列表里,听着听着就想起那一张张可爱的脸和那小小的心里装着的大大的梦想和情怀。

For the first time for veterans day celebrations in the United States, the school organization the school children singing the two songs, a song called God bless the USA, a song called won. Every children sing very serious, very serious together, feeling that a loyalty to the country and national cohesion. Really like the pattern of education in the United States, children with dribs and drabs to touched, not only do the surface form. After you come back, I also joined the two song I often listen to the music of the list, then remembered listened that lovely face and little heart was filled with big dreams and feelings.


The scene, the school also bring in the student’s parents used to be soldiers. Each of them to stand up is a face of proud to tell you, told his children which he had in our country’s troops to protect the country and abroad. And I saw a few understanding parents, also sincerely for this precept and feel happy and moved.


We also at the scene and parents are serving in the army are video attachment, heard their wishes and expectations, and at the same time also thank them for their protection, just have today’s peace and stability, the children can sit serious study in the classroom. Thank you for your service, soldiers!

To Conner


School this month is the theme of the story “to fill someone else’s bucket.”Everyone has a bucket,when the other people to do good things to yourself and your own bucket was filled, when people do bad things to himself, his own bucket was ripped off a little. And we have to do things, both to fill someone else’s basket, also can fill their bucket.


In Chinese immersion class, once had a friend is a model of bucket filled with others. His name is called Luo Kangle. Well-being was two years old when he was diagnosed with brain cancer, the doctor said he live only three years old, but he insisted to fight their disease, and from the hand of god to the happy days for four years. He joined the Chinese immersion lessons at the age of six, and everyone together learn Chinese, recreation lively, smart studious, always can bring joy to others, like a little angel. Unfortunately, this summer, recreation or away from us.


Friday, I and the children together in school memorial to remember the well-being of children. At the scene of a lot of people can not help but shed tears, Luo Kangle hope you no pain in heaven, only happy and happy, we won’t forget those happy days with you, it will also remind myself to be a basket filled with others.

First time in America primary school.


This is the first time i come to America primary school,I’m in second grade.There is only 14 students here.It’s dirfferernt between China.In China,primary school always have 40-50 students in each class.Frist ten days,we take turns,started from kindergarten,end of fifth grade.I joined in all Chinese immersion classes.I found that each America class only have 10-20 students,but there are 2 teachers there cooperate in teaching.This is difference between big classes in China.Teacher more concentrate on every students,and students don’t afraid public speaking,they love to share their own ideals,they don’t afraid teachers,they want to share everything with teachers.That’s makes me feel teacher’s effect is not only limit in school,but also participation in their growing in all-dimensional.Teacher is more like a friend grow up with them.



The school decorated in holiday,when we come to our classroom is a big mess.It’s all clear up by ourself,Our achievebility is full.


My classroom teacher is a very lovely teacher come from Taiwan,she always have a good teaching method,she can totally control students’ thinking.For example,in class dojo,she always add scores,never let stude nts lose scores.Everyone like add scores,don’t like lose scores,lose scores is a very overwhelmed things.So she never let students lose  scores,only add scores to the students dp good things.When students do bad things,they can’t win prize and add scores.In her class,do good things can add 2 scores,do bad things can’t add scores.If you have 10 scores everyday,you can have an apple,you can paste your appe in your car.And if you always do good things,make good choice,you will have 5 apples one week.So you can have your gift in happy friday! Then students always make good choice when they do everything,they think is my behavior enough kind,safe and responsible? Althrough sometimes they need teachers’ caution,but most times,our class always win prize in special classes,in hallway and in recess from other teachers.If we win prize in other places we can add our scores,this made students feel proud of themselves,they want people prize them,and they do good things,they even can be a model for other students.



Because it’s near Hallween,we talked about bat’s story,this is three bats made by a little boy.It’s Chinese bat,American bat and his bat.I like it so i want share with you.Thank you for your reading,hope you have a nice weekend!