Veterans Day 

第一次在美国参加退伍军人日的庆祝活动,学校组织全校小朋友们合唱了两首歌,一首叫做God bless the USA,一首叫做旗开得胜。每个小朋友都唱的很认真,都很认真的团结在一起,感受那一份对国家的忠诚和民族的凝聚力。真的很喜欢美国这种模式的教育,用点点滴滴去感动小朋友,而不是只做表面形式。回来后,我也把这两首歌加入了我常听的音乐列表里,听着听着就想起那一张张可爱的脸和那小小的心里装着的大大的梦想和情怀。

For the first time for veterans day celebrations in the United States, the school organization the school children singing the two songs, a song called God bless the USA, a song called won. Every children sing very serious, very serious together, feeling that a loyalty to the country and national cohesion. Really like the pattern of education in the United States, children with dribs and drabs to touched, not only do the surface form. After you come back, I also joined the two song I often listen to the music of the list, then remembered listened that lovely face and little heart was filled with big dreams and feelings.


The scene, the school also bring in the student’s parents used to be soldiers. Each of them to stand up is a face of proud to tell you, told his children which he had in our country’s troops to protect the country and abroad. And I saw a few understanding parents, also sincerely for this precept and feel happy and moved.


We also at the scene and parents are serving in the army are video attachment, heard their wishes and expectations, and at the same time also thank them for their protection, just have today’s peace and stability, the children can sit serious study in the classroom. Thank you for your service, soldiers!



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