To Conner


School this month is the theme of the story “to fill someone else’s bucket.”Everyone has a bucket,when the other people to do good things to yourself and your own bucket was filled, when people do bad things to himself, his own bucket was ripped off a little. And we have to do things, both to fill someone else’s basket, also can fill their bucket.


In Chinese immersion class, once had a friend is a model of bucket filled with others. His name is called Luo Kangle. Well-being was two years old when he was diagnosed with brain cancer, the doctor said he live only three years old, but he insisted to fight their disease, and from the hand of god to the happy days for four years. He joined the Chinese immersion lessons at the age of six, and everyone together learn Chinese, recreation lively, smart studious, always can bring joy to others, like a little angel. Unfortunately, this summer, recreation or away from us.


Friday, I and the children together in school memorial to remember the well-being of children. At the scene of a lot of people can not help but shed tears, Luo Kangle hope you no pain in heaven, only happy and happy, we won’t forget those happy days with you, it will also remind myself to be a basket filled with others.



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