Hong Lei(1)


Unexpectedly in the familiar before this half an year can also be lucky enough to meet foreign ministry spokesman, consul general in Chicago consulate now Mr Hong lei. Know when he will come to st. cloud see a guest, a volunteer to help the girl is very happy, after the rates in the mind, Mr Hong is premier zhou enlai, Mr Wang to lead a new generation of on behalf of the Chinese spokesman, everyone is in the heart of respect and yearning.


Coincided with Mr Hong lei, it was a Friday, st. cloud’s first snow, we are originally hear Mr Hong lei, and several other countries, a spokesman for the meeting, and Mr Hong lei to hole behind school teachers and students. But because of the snow is very big, under the school emergency closed, all the students went home from school, deal with after school, we didn’t eat lunch in a hurry to listen to his speech went to the university.


Mr Hong lei is very warm at first, we sat waiting for the second row of position, as soon as he came in he shook hands with every one of us, from the warmth of the motherland suddenly made a few little girl was very excited. Behind heard like a news broadcast speech, have no a little bit tired, but on the spot to Mr Hong, attention is drawn, all clearly spoke more than an hour, but think only ten minutes.

待续…To be continued…



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