About growing up(3)


In addition to the face of children, there are many other aspects of the growth.


When students do before, some not too clear, a little knowledge is not very urgently necessary is too lazy to look up. But now because it is a teacher, have a responsibility in, must want to convey to students the correct knowledge. Many times a word of stroke or winding pitch, to verify a few times to tell children. Teach the wrong once in a while, also to admit his mistakes corrected in a timely manner. Deeply feel the importance of precept, children are most likely to imitate the people around, as a teacher, in word and deed includes all at the moment in life standard. Be a good example.


Also know that really is the simplest happy time at school, just learn well teach well. Even internships can take a share responsibility, cannot say casually go walk, also is bad to ask for leave, disturb you plan, let more don’t do things for themselves. Lecture during the day and night lessons, check a lot of information, to many aspects of children may be asked, also really exercise yourself.


Sincerely thank you for this half a year to the United States practice life, no matter from career planning or from the heart and life, is a great exercise. Here the dribs and drabs, are worthy of cherished memories and later.



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