About growing up(2)


In the concept of the Chinese people, eating is more important, to share and eat the next thing to share the growth of some other aspects.


Is, after all, he was in school more than ten years, didn’t really come out, this time to the United States, although is internship, but also serious first job. Everyone is confident treat the muster all his strength. But American children and Chinese children are really is very different, American children no matter who you are, even if you are a teacher, what you say is justified let me convinced, children will listen to the teacher said. But our preconceived notions is children will respect the teacher, so I work at first, also not be less children have to say a word, almost everyone has been more or less gas to cry.


But the more the situation has changed a lot, are all young people together to discuss and change their methods and strategies, slowly let children to believe in yourself, with the details of daily care and help, good for him. Quickly lined up a large number of children, let they can darling listen to the class teacher in the classroom. Everyday can also often and they chat, discuss some cartoon movies, introduce some Chinese things to children. Now the most unfortunately child just familiar with us, but not far from the time we leave.



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