About growing up(1)


Come to the United States for almost four months, this blog is to share about growing up.


Say first to eat, before at home, at home with mom and dad to cook, also give me a hand, often wash dishes brush to brush a bowl, but is never is cooking, also did not seriously to learn cooking. But after coming to the United States, really experienced a meal not hungry belly of life. The United States than domestic, even if parents are not at home, his lazy, called a take-away next to a restaurant is also very convenient. Take-out here also is very inconvenient, eating out is not very convenient also, more importantly, used to eat rice and various stir-fries and we really can not adapt to the American food hamburger cheese bread. So I began to try his cooking, will only cooking surface occurred at the beginning, the steam rice Fried dishes. Does not meet the greediness, later have no matter son to study some recipes, unexpectedly also own a few tries out some of the food can also come, lunch to school every day also is to let a lot of American teacher saw the riches of the Chinese diet. With a focus on the daily show mom and dad, mom and dad are happy daughter should go out for a few months has learned cooking, eat healthy is also very good. Dry bread was worried about my every day to eat instant noodles?


Braise in soy sauce sparerib


Hot candied sweet potato


Then also follow some American family learned to bake a cake and boiled milk tea.

待续…To be continued…



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