First time in America primary school.


This is the first time i come to America primary school,I’m in second grade.There is only 14 students here.It’s dirfferernt between China.In China,primary school always have 40-50 students in each class.Frist ten days,we take turns,started from kindergarten,end of fifth grade.I joined in all Chinese immersion classes.I found that each America class only have 10-20 students,but there are 2 teachers there cooperate in teaching.This is difference between big classes in China.Teacher more concentrate on every students,and students don’t afraid public speaking,they love to share their own ideals,they don’t afraid teachers,they want to share everything with teachers.That’s makes me feel teacher’s effect is not only limit in school,but also participation in their growing in all-dimensional.Teacher is more like a friend grow up with them.



The school decorated in holiday,when we come to our classroom is a big mess.It’s all clear up by ourself,Our achievebility is full.


My classroom teacher is a very lovely teacher come from Taiwan,she always have a good teaching method,she can totally control students’ thinking.For example,in class dojo,she always add scores,never let stude nts lose scores.Everyone like add scores,don’t like lose scores,lose scores is a very overwhelmed things.So she never let students lose  scores,only add scores to the students dp good things.When students do bad things,they can’t win prize and add scores.In her class,do good things can add 2 scores,do bad things can’t add scores.If you have 10 scores everyday,you can have an apple,you can paste your appe in your car.And if you always do good things,make good choice,you will have 5 apples one week.So you can have your gift in happy friday! Then students always make good choice when they do everything,they think is my behavior enough kind,safe and responsible? Althrough sometimes they need teachers’ caution,but most times,our class always win prize in special classes,in hallway and in recess from other teachers.If we win prize in other places we can add our scores,this made students feel proud of themselves,they want people prize them,and they do good things,they even can be a model for other students.



Because it’s near Hallween,we talked about bat’s story,this is three bats made by a little boy.It’s Chinese bat,American bat and his bat.I like it so i want share with you.Thank you for your reading,hope you have a nice weekend!



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